Smashing Photo Booth values the importance of working with non-profits. We offer discounted prices as well as corporate sponsorship opportunities. Once you have secured corporate sponsorship to cover the rental fee, Smashing Photo Booth will work closely with the donor to provide various commodities.

Corporate Sponsorship Details

  • Prices vary based on the number of hours needed
  • Marketing opportunities included
  • Custom Branding on all photos. This will include logo, website, or social media address
  • Corporate Branding used on Photo Booth or prop table (Provided by corporate client unless otherwise noted)
  • HD video recording available for future use on websites or promotions
  • Real Time social media uploads. All photos will upload to an IPad instantly for guest use. Each guest will have the option to upload their photo to email, Facebook or Twitter
  • All images uploaded to Facebook will contain a link to the corporate website or social media page. In Addition all photos uploaded to Twitter will be loaded using a corporate handle and specified #hashtags
  • All emails uploads are retained and sent within 24 hours by email (CSV file)
  • All guests using email uploads will be asked prior to entering their email address to agree to a disclosure which contains a legal agreement to use photos for any future marketing including websites and print. The disclosure contains corporate names Smashing Photos and your legal corporate name.
  • Custom Photo Booth Folders- Add 1.50 per confirmed guests
  • Red Carpet Package- Add 500.00
  • Red Carpet
  • Stanchions
  • Custom Step and Repeat Backdrop
  • Custom Monogram with corporate logo- Add 295.00

Step and Repeat Backdrops from Smashing Photo Booth


Photo Booth Folders

Photo Booth Holders from Smashing Photo Booth


4×6 Photo Booth Folders are also available!

Why Social Media

With technology advancing daily, the use of social media has become a key in reaching out to the masses and your potential clients. This is an example of the way social media uploads can affect your company.

Social Media from Smashing Photo Booth


Phi Sigma 12/10- 6 posts with a combined number of 3038 users. This number only includes the number of engaged users and does not factor in the number of Facebook users who viewed the post in their “friends” news feed.

Last and most active post with 2025 users- 69,320 photos viewed.

All results vary based on the number of guests and promotion by the corporate client. In this example Smashing Photo Booth did not promote the post, we simply added the photos on. There were 200 confirmed guests in this case.

Social Media Exposure with Smashing Photo Booth